Marketing your app – practical advice

Paul Alex Gray from kids game developer Bubble Gum Interactive gave a fab presentation on marketing of their flagship game – Little Space Heroes, an online kids game.

Marketing strategies used encompassed:

  1. The right message – framing the messaging around the outcomes delivered to your customer ensuring that it passes “so what” test
  2. Well written content
  3. SEO (which is useless without well written content)
  4. Multiple channels ensure repetition of the message
  5. PR including mainstream media & bloggers

Paul’s explanation of the practicalities in approaching bloggers was really instructive. Each of the bloggers around the world was approached individually. It took a great deal of effort in understanding each one, knowing who they are, what they’re interested in and how they like to be reached. The emphasis here was opening up a conversation starting with a comment on an article rather than a request to review the game. While the focus was on mummy bloggers give the kids/family focus –don’t forget the daddy bloggers.

Paul advised to be prepared for 10 knockbacks for every request/ approach to connect.

Don’t be mistaken. There was a prodigious amount of work in the marketing strategy to launch the game. In 2011/12 Bubble Gum Interactive spent several thousand hours:

  • Crafting content (text, audio, video) for three websites, six social channels and an entire game
  • Sending personalised messages to over 350 bloggers, having over 100 conversations and got about 30 reviews
  • Trying to start conversations with over 250 journalists, reporters and news outlets – now have about 50 ‘strong’ contacts. This has paid off with recent coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

The strategy has paid off, with tens of thousands of kids in 80+ countries logging in daily. Clearly the company is tracking very well, having just raised second round financing for $2.5 million – read more here.

His key takeaways:

1. Create valuable content, 2. Listen to your audience, 3. Engage in legitimate conversations

Paul is the Chief Marketing Officer, Community director & Co-Founder of Bubble Gum Interactive. You can follow Paul on Twitter @paulalexgray.

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