Habits Are The New Viral, but content matters more

Get up, check email, news and social media sites, breakfast, coffee. In the evening, dinner, TV/internet/mobile, clean teeth, bed, check social media, sleep. Repeat. Habits matter.

The key to the success of any start up is their ability to manipulate behaviours – to become habit forming, says Nir Eyalin a recent Tech Crunch article. He states, correctly in my view, that “the economic value of web businesses increasingly depends on the strength of the habitual behaviour of their users.” The difference between a start up winner and loser, therefore is the ability to develop these habits.

It’s the first I’ve heard of the term “curated web” in the context of behavioural engineering. While he makes the distinction between positive habits, and the destructive nature of spam and viral messages, he fails to adequately make the point that it is content and the experience which is habit forming. The term “curated web” means quality content developed to meet the needs of the audience. It is content that makes the difference. This is where magazine style content can really make an impact with longer form content developed specifically for niche audiences, that tell a compelling story. It is content that is habit forming.

You can read my brief response here.

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