Digital industry salaries predicted to increase in next 12 months

AIMIA’s Digital Agency Salary survey released last week reveals some interesting insights into employment trends in the digital sector. The survey was circulated to AIMIA member digital agencies.

Key findings include:

  • Salaries increased on average 7 % in the last 12 months
  • Salaries are expected to increase by 5% in the next year
  • Employee benefits/incentives offered include training, flexible work hours, benefits or bonuses, mobile phone allowance, car parking and extra annual leave.
  • Agencies are sourcing new hires using a variety of channels. Word of mouth was rated as the most efficient strategy by 34% of respondents. This was followed by the use of recruitment agencies at 25%, job websites 25% and social media at 16%
  • Staffing: – 80% of staff are permanent, 9% are part-time and 11%v are freelance. Respondents predict that will change in the year ahead with a drop to a ratio of 72% permanent and a corresponding increase in part-time staff to 12% and freelancers to 16% of the workforce.

If you thought there’s not a lot of longevity in digital – you’re right with confirmation that the average length of service is two years with average staff turnover of 13 per cent.

The report also lists the average salaries for a variety of positions including strategy director, developers (front end & back end), technical leads, designers, creative technologists, producers, project managers and more.

AIMIA is kindly offering a free copy of the survey but it’s only available until 24 July, so click here.

About Claudia Sagripanti

Involved in the evolution of mobile marketing and advertising from the early years, including co-founding Mobile Marketing and Advertising Awards, founding chair of AIMIA's Mobile Industry Group, development of mobile advertising guidelines for industry as well as commercialisation strategy.