Mobile-optimised sites generate more engagement

Interesting report here from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK on the results of mobile-optimised sites.  The IAB found that the advertisers with a mobile-optimised website enjoyed increased engagement with consumers – up to 2 minutes more.

Only 40% of major UK brands had a mobile-optimised site which included Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Boots, Argos and B&Q.

The key points:

  • Mobile optimised sites pulled in 192% more unique visitors than their non-optimised alternatives
  • Those sites attracted 304% more daily visitors and 490% more total visits.
  • Visitors who logged a higher dwell time, browsed content for an average of 5 minutes on platforms specifically adapted for this channel – 2 minutes longer than for the more basic equivalents.

Other research from eMarketer suggests that marketers are committing more to mobile: 

  • Mobile websites and apps are currently the most widely adopted mobile marketing tactics, used by 46% and 45% of marketers, respectively.
  • Of those marketers without mobile web or app strategies, about three in 10 planned to implement one over the next 12 months.

Status of mobile in Australia:

From my time working at GroupM as Director of Mobile Communications, I know how hard it is to convince brands to implement mobile. They know they should, but it’s really hard.

Practical information such as offered by the IAB UK puts a compelling case for mobile – and we need more of it here.

You can also read some local case studies and analysis in an earlier blog post featuring Paul Buchanan, PayPal Australia.

AIMIA will be launching the results from the 8th annual Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle survey on 27th September in Sydney, along with an event looking specifically at the adoption of mobile first principles.

Some interesting case studies from the winners of this year’s Australian Mobile Awards.

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