Digital Industry Salary Survey 2012 – a sneak peek

The inaugural digital salary survey was launched last week by AIMIA showing the incredible diversity  in the digital services industry. Of the respondents, digital agencies were the biggest group (61%), followed by publishers and then creative agencies which naturally reflects AIMIA members.

Key facts from the report:

  • The majority of the respondents reported annual revenues of less than $5 million (60% of respondents)
  • A further 28% were in the $5m to $15m band
  • Average company staff turnover is 18 percent in a year
  • Average length of service is 3 years
  • NSW is the highest paid state, with chief executives paid an average of $288,572 and executive creative directors paid $144,040.
  • Senior project managers earn on average $106,348 but that figure varies according to state (with WA the highest), and the size of the company

Some of the newer job titles include:

  • Test analyst, UX director and Experience Architect
  • A number of digital agencies and publishers are also employing Data Analysts and Digital Strategists

The report looks at a variety of positions covering executive; client service; producer & content; technology, creative & user experience; data, analytics & strategy; social media & search; media; sales; marketing and business support, finance and HR. You can purchase the report directly from AIMIA here.

About Claudia Sagripanti

Involved in the evolution of mobile marketing and advertising from the early years, including co-founding Mobile Marketing and Advertising Awards, founding chair of AIMIA's Mobile Industry Group, development of mobile advertising guidelines for industry as well as commercialisation strategy.