Our Story

When we started the Digital Nation business back in 2008 (under our previous name of VentureOne) we had one theme uppermost in our minds – The Business of Digital – that is, helping the digital industry grow and thrive.

We are digital veterans, having grown up and grown older as the industry has grown up and expanded massively. We’ve been involved in the early days of the internet (as part of the OzEmail network), and in the development of the mobile marketing industry in Australia. We’ve contributed personally to the growth of the industry by being directly involved in committees working on standards and policy, on industry boards, and providing lots of sweat equity to a variety of start-ups.

Now it’s time for serious business. As the industry goes through massive change and transformation, focus on the business fundamentals – revenue and cost management, protection of margins and profit – become more important.

Digital Nation provides training in the core skills required:

  • project management skills designed specifically for the digital economy, with the aim of delivering profitability
  • core commercial skills around managing vendors and contractors
  • core management skills around developing a high performing, cross functional team
  • customer service and usability, particularly in the areas of e-commerce and online retail

The industry is facing serious staff shortages – and more change. There is competition for staff, often involving poaching from competitors. Companies are bringing in different skill sets such as data analysts, creatives, social media advisors, community managers and gamification experts, which makes it is even more challenging to provide consistent standards and understanding across all disciplines.  We are working with AIMIA and other industry associations to provide training to help educate, develop consistent practices, and lift commercial performance.

 “With the rapid rate of growth in the digital media sector there is a strong demand for training and education for newcomers to the industry and also upgrading skills. AIMIA is delighted to be partnering with VentureOne/Digital Nation to create a business focused program to meet the demand for fast-tracking, up-skilling and providing the right balance of commercial knowledge in the digital content industry.”

AIMIA President Guy Gadney, November 2007

Our mission

Our mission is simple: we want to help people and businesses in the digital economy thrive. We are anticipate and respond to the needs of industry. We find the best trainers. We help people connect and learn from each other. And along the way we also hope to do the following:

“Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.”

Goethe (from Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship)

b. Management Team

Claudia Sagripanti is the co-founder and director of VentureOne, and is a seasoned executive with operational and P&L experience across web publishing/digital media, mobile and tablet advertising, business information services, and VC and incubation services.

She has been involved as a key facilitator in the evolution of both the online advertising, and mobile marketing and advertising industries. This included co-founding and running the Mobile Marketing and Advertising Awards, founding chair of AIMIA’s Mobile  Industry Group, and co-founding the Online Advertising Taskforce (now part of the IIA). She is regularly asked to  comment on industry issues and has written a number of articles for industry press and participated in various industry conferences.

c. Consultancy

VentureOne provides strategic advice to digital media & publishers, agencies & technology vendors, and industry bodies on industry & market development, mobile & tablet commercialisation, and digital transformation.

Specifically we provide a range of services including;

  • Market assessment and competitive analysis
  • Commercialisation strategy
  • Writing of white papers (either co-branded or white labelled), reports and industry guidelines.
  • Acting Transitional strategy and implementation, i.e. Acting CEO or General Manager
  • Training and education on mobile opportunities
  • Presentation on digital transformation – skill sets in the digital age

d. Advisory board

We are delighted to have the support and input from a variety of industry leaders and advisors, including:

- John Butterworth, CEO, AIMIA